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Asia Honey is not always sweet: Liar liar, pants on fire!

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Jessa has at least six sponsors, three farang and three Japanese. I was sponsor number four. Two of her sponsors live in Europe. Only one sponsor, who lives in Bangkok, knows that there are other sponsors and he does not care. She gets about 150k a month from her sponsors. She has about 50 baht of gold jewellery (3.5 Baht from me). She has 600k in the bank. Her house in Isan was paid for by sponsors money (not a bank loan) and her family have a pickup truck paid for by sponsors money. She has taken several sponsors to her family home. Her ambition is to buy a house in Bangkok and she has found a sponsor for this, she also wants a car and a hairdressing business. Her family are money grabbing just as reported. They know she is a bargirl and visit her in Bangkok.

Asia Honey is not always sweet
Asian Babes Sex Nightlife – What she says and what she means


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