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David Rockefeller World Leader and Founder of Bohemian Grove, The Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission

About the Trilateral Commission – European Region

Chairman: Mario Monti
Deputy Chairman: Vladimir Dlouhy
Deputy Chairman: Michael Fuchs
European Director: Paul Révay

The framework of the Trilateral European group is the European Union (formerly the European Community). Thus the country coverage of the Trilateral European group has grown as the European Community has grown. The Trilateral Commission was launched in mid-1973, shortly after the enlargement which brought Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Ireland into the European Community. Spanish and Portuguese groups were formed in the late 1970s, looking toward the entry of Spain and Portugal into the European Community. In more recent years, Austrian, Swedish and Finnish groups have been formed in advance of the entry of these countries into European Union. A Greek group was added. Several additional national groups were formed as the European Union enlarged to Central and Eastern Europe. The one non-EU country represented in the Trilateral European group is Norway. The consultations that went into the formation of the Trilateral Commission took place before the 1972 referendum which unexpectedly went against Norway joining the European Community.


By Heinz Duthel

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